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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
Written and Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Number of Cans: 1,896

  • Marissa Probel 
  • Reza Farzad 
  • Hardeep Singh 
  • Jade McNair 
  • Kevin Strupp

Special Thanks:
Reza Farzad, for bringing our vision to life with BIM and virtual reality!
Our entire DC office for their support and encouragement!

Oh, The Places You CAN Go!

QR Code Instructions:
  1. Scan the QR Code using your iOS (iPhone/iPad) device. The link take you to an Augmented Reality File.
  2. Tap on Download then a message will pop up asking you if you want to download this file, tap on View.
  3. A preview of the model will open, tap on Augmented Reality Cube on the top right corner to view the model in AR.

The Gilbane Building Company team is dreaming of all the places we CAN go in 2021! In a year full of uncertainty, we have never been surer that Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! has pearls of wisdom, for both young and not so young alike. While our feet are firmly planted in DC, we can dare to dream of hot air balloon flights, scaling tall mountains, and exploring distant, colorful lands.

We are so in awe of the Capital Area Food Bank’s efforts and are happy to be contributing to DC CANstruction once again! So with brains in our head and feet in our shoes, we are off to explore and conquer hunger! “And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.)”

Del Monte, Cut Green Peas, 14.5 oz, 480 cans
Del Monte, Sweet Peas, 15 oz, 480 cans
Maruchan, Ramen Moodle Soup (Shrimp), 18 oz, 48 packs
Del Monte, Diced Mangos, 15 oz, 480 cans
Campbell’s, Creamy Cauliflower & Potato Soup, 11.1 oz, 60 cans
Campbell’s, Sweet Corn & Roasted Poblano Soup, 11.1 oz, 60 cans
Campbell’s, Tomato & Sweet Basil Soup, 11.1 oz, 60 cans
Campbell’s, Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup, 11.1 oz, 60 cans
Annie’s, Creamy Tomato & Bunny Pasta Soup, 14.3 oz, 60 cans
Hunt’s, San Marzano Style Tomatoes, 28 oz, 48 cans
Bruce’s, Yams, 40 oz, 60 cans

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