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Harry Potter
Written by J. K. Rowling
Illustrated by Mary GrandPré

Number of Cans: 2,160

  • Andrew Garrison
  • Emily Garrison
  • Grace Meloy
  • Joe Spaziani
  • Chris Bird

Harry Potter and the Pyramid of Memories

We are all familiar with Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts, but life does not end once you leave school. As an Auror, adult Harry encounters dangerous witches and wizards daily, and, unfortunately, one got the better of him this time… A crafty dark magician has cursed a pyramid made of canned foods to serve as a prison and is calling it “the fourth unforgivable curse”. With his mind captured and on display for all to see in the pyramid of memories, Harry must rely on his mental toughness and grit to escape from the trap. In a harrowing display, Harry projects his strongest memories in an attempt to overcome the curse: receiving his scar from Lord Voldemort, being sorted into Gryffindor, capturing the golden snitch for the first time, and triumph over Voldemort via the Deathly Hallows. Will Harry succeed in escaping the curse? Find out in the ninth book of the Harry Potter Series, “Harry Potter and the Pyramid of Memories”.

Giant, Chickpeas, 15.5 oz, 1416 cans
Hunt’s, Tomato Sauce, 15 oz, 152 cans
Del Monte, Sweet Peas, 15 oz, 196 cans
Del Monte, Sliced Peaches, 15 oz, 93 cans
Bush’s, Black Beans, 15 oz, 303 cans

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