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7th Annual Thesis Showcase

Home is Here: Community and Health Center
Juan Pablo Urey-Fernandez

Thesis Abstract
Over 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the shadows all across America. They live with the fear of being separated from their families and the risk of being detained or deported back to a country they escaped. This thesis proposes the design of a community and health center dedicated to reach, support, and empower immigrants, while acting as a new home where immigrants access a variety of health, education, and social programs.

The project reuses and repurposes an abandoned building, which was originally designed to welcome immigrants, by carving out historic spaces while creating a new addition that gives it new life. To create a more welcoming experience, the existing brick building is integrated with the new through the use of natural materials, color, and the addition of large openings that allow natural light to fill the interiors. Located in the center of immigrant neighborhoods, the proposed community and health center acts as a new beacon of hope and tranquility for immigrants in the District of Columbia.


Juan Pablo Urey-Fernandez, recipient of a WAAC Crystal Award

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